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Being pregnant with my first has my mind centered solely on all things baby. Having phone apps with useful information right at my finger tips is essential to getting me through most days. While I’m full of joy and excitement, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and anxious for the coming months. I have a little less than 3 months to go and there’s much to do. Luckily with the addition of my amazing support system, I have my top 3 pregnancy apps to help keep my nerves at bay, while bringing out feelings of excitement which all expecting mothers should feel.

All of the following pregnancy apps are simple to use and are free for download. They each provide the basic features such as weekly updates on baby’s development, calendars to schedule prenatal appointments and to take note of milestones, diet and exercise trackers, the option to join group chats, kick count trackers, weekly videos, pictures, and diagrams for each stage of your pregnancy, and so on.

Ovia Pregnancy

When I began my journey to become pregnant I started with the Ovia Fertility app, which is primarily for tracking your ovulation. This app was easy to use and was pretty accurate. It was through this app that I learned of the Ovia Pregnancy app, which I’ve used daily throughout my pregnancy.

The Ovia Pregnancy app is the first app I downloaded when I became pregnant. My favorite feature of this app is the “Food Safety Lookup.” I knew of the basic food don’ts like raw meat, caffeine, and alcohol, however there were a few surprises. For example, I didn’t know that deli meat was on the no no list! I love sandwiches! Did you know that chicken caesar salad is also on this list? This is because the dressing is traditionally made with raw eggs! Sheesh! Of course when I found out I couldn’t have some of my favorite foods, I suddenly began craving them. The thought of being told I can’t have them only made me want them more!

I’ve had great success with the first two Ovia apps. I know that once I have my little guy, there won’t be any hesitation in adding Ovia’s third app, Ovia Parenting. This app is a lot like its pregnancy app, only you’ll receive weekly updates of your new born’s development, record his/her milestones, and more.

Ovia Pregnancy – App Highlights

The Bump

During my wedding engagement I was all about The Knot. So naturally I had to give The Bump a shot. I love this app for all of its basic features, but I also really love their website which has even more articles to read and a Q and A section for subscribers to write directly to the editors.

My favorite app feature is the option to view and share all of my registries from my favorite retailers in one place. I’m finalizing my registries this week and I’m hoping to get it out to everyone soon. I’ve been asked for my registry information several times already, which is actually pretty cool. I’m happy that people are ready to spoil my baby just as much as I am!

The Bump app is also a great tool for mothers with toddlers. It offers the same great quality videos and articles on raising a toddler. I’m sure that the next logical step for me will be to sign up for The Nest, so that I can continue to shape my home and overall lifestyle into what I always strive for it to be… Awesome!

The Bump – App Highlights

Baby Center

My favorite part about the Baby Center app is the videos of real life labor and delivery stories. Kind of like the old TLC shows “A Baby Story” and “Bringing Home Baby.” I think these videos might be actual footage of those old episodes, but I’m not entirely sure. Granted, sometimes these videos freak me out! Watching women in pain, afraid, and stressed out during labor and delivery definitely pulls at my heart strings. It makes me realize that it won’t be long before I’m in that same boat!

Even with that being said, these videos encourage me to put serious thought into my own birth plan. I’m reminded of the importance in being as mentally and physically prepared as possible. I find the Baby Center app to be very educational (as are the other two), and it gives a realistic view of labor and delivery through it’s uncensored videos.

Baby Center – App Highlights


I hope this post helps out any expecting mom who has some reservations on pregnancy apps. They are informative, but are in no way a replacement to receiving actual medical advice and instruction from your doctor. Have fun with these apps! If anything, I’m sure you’d at least enjoy the weekly updates on what fruit matches your baby’s size.

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite fertility, pregnancy, and parenting apps?

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“Not everyday of pregnancy is easy, but everyday brings me closer to you.”

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