Material Love

Hey Beauties,

I love seeing couples that are genuinely happy together. There is nothing more beautiful than two people sharing their lives together and building a bond that can only be shared between the two of them. However, not all relationships are as beautiful and authentic as they appear to be. There are all types of relationships with there own unique qualities, as well as flaws. You’ve got the love birds that can’t get enough of each other, the besties that act more like friends then lovers, the love to hate you couple that fight all day and make up all night *wink wink*. One particular type of relationship that I could definitely live with out, are the ones based on material things. Sadly, I’ve been seeing this materialistic love thang more and more often, and it’s kinda driving me nuts!  I mean… “Things” don’t have anyTHING to do with love! Love is sooooo much more than that… You’ll have to excuse me for this little tangent that I’m having right now.

I’m not a fan of couples that use gifts as a crutch to lean on when times get rough. Gifts aren’t meant to fix every problem, and sometimes they don’t work at all. A little communication can go a long way… and its free! I find it hard to believe that couples are truly satisfied in their relationship when material items are all that is used to show their love and affection. If all there is to show for your relationship is a few big ticket items… then I’m sorry… but that really sucks. 🙁 I can’t stand to hear a person speak only on what their partner has tangibly given them, and never on the time spent together and the intellectual things that make being in love worth while. Sometimes I just want to ask these people… “Is that all?? Gifts on top of gifts but never any of your partner’s time?” Perhaps what they think is love is not really love at all. Or maybe giving things to each other is the only way they know how to show their love. Call me old fashioned, but time together is by far biggest gift of all… You can’t get a refund on time.

All things have expiration dates, including people. My advice to any couples that fall into this category would be to focus more on spending time together and creating memories that will last you a life time. Not going around bragging about the latest gadget that your boo just got you, which only makes you look materialistic. Spoil each other with cuddles, kisses, laughs, and most of all love. Leave the big toys for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions, and then maybe an occasional “just thinking about you” gift. Just don’t let that be the only way you show someone that you love and care about them.

Thoughts anyone?

xoxo Jamela

“The best things in life aren’t things.”

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