Halloween Pop Art + The Grave Digger’s Ball 2015

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween weekend! Here is a late post of my weekend shenanigans.

First off… what do you think of my look!!??

Halloween Main Pic

For a last minute idea… I loved it!! Both my husband Jan and I were pop art comic characters. We had so much fun with this look that we even made up a story line. So the story is, Jan and I met via an online dating site. Come to find out, he’s a vampire!!! He took a bite while on our first date… Thus the tears rolling from my eyes. 🙂 Cute huh!? LOL!

My Halloween plans were also very last minute. Pretty much every year my husband and I spend Halloween with our family and join our nieces and nephews on their trick or treating extravaganza. This year we did our usual thing on Halloween day, but the night before, we shook things up and had a fun adult night out. For the entire month of October all we heard on the radio was about the Grave Digger’s Ball in Sacramento. Two days before the event I thought… Hey why not!? I don’t have kids yet… and for all I know, this could be my last free Halloween! LOL!

Jan and I had a blast at the event. All 3 dance floors were packed with people wearing all kinds of crazy costumes, the DJs were great, and the live performances by Charlie Puth, Natalie La Rose, and Lil Jon were amazeballs. There was also a costume contest which awarded $5,000 to the first place winner. The downside of the event would be the usual club creepers lurking and staring at girls on the dance floor, but there’s not much anyone can do about that. Oh and if I’m being honest, the bar tenders were a little stingy with the booze… Just saying… Other then that, I would recommend going to this event with a group of friends. It was a lot of fun and I’d say it’s pretty affordable. I purchased general tickets for $35 each (if purchased online after all of the fees this goes up to about $42.50). VIP tickets sold for $100. I can’t say that I saw a whole lot of people in the VIP areas though… not sure if it’s all that necessary. You can find more information and details here.

What did you do this Halloween weekend? Any suggestions for next year? Don’t forget to share!

xoxo Jamela

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