My First Pregnancy: The Family + Friends Reveal

Hello Beauties,

Last week I shared my initial reaction and how I surprised my husband with our pregnancy news. Today is all about how we revealed our news to our family and friends. Read on and I hope you enjoy.

The Brainstorm + Game Plan

After our first doctor’s visit Jan and I learned that our little baby was growing healthy and strong. Seeing the heartbeat flicker on the screen was priceless, but that’s an entire post for another day. At that moment we decided it would be best to wait until we were officially 12 weeks or more before telling anyone. That is pretty much the general rule of thumb anyway, so we went with it. Luckily for us, we had an upcoming 2 week trip to the Philippines, which really helped us in keeping our secret just a little while longer. On our trip we came up with the idea to surprise our family on Thanksgiving day. Crazy how even on vacation we  were still planning for things to do back home! We were too excited… we had to have a plan that was set in stone. The timing was actually quite perfect with it being around the holiday’s. We began messaging our parents and siblings, and somehow we convinced them to allow us to host Thanksgiving at our home for the first time ever. Our master plan was in full swing.

Revealing to Family – Thanksgiving Day

When the day finally came I was a nervous wreck and almost chickened out of revealing the news. I knew everyone would be happy for us, but the thought of everyone finding out at the same time only made the pregnancy more real. That Thanksgiving, after everyone ate dinner we all sat at the table and conversed over dessert. Then it was time! Jan came up with the “bright idea” to show everyone a video of our “Philippines experience,” or so they thought. The video stared with a few images of Jan and I on the beautiful beach of Boracay, and quickly switched scenes to when I revealed the news to Jan two months earlier. Everyone jumped, screamed, and cried with joy. Some even called it the best Thanksgiving ever! I couldn’t agree more with that statement… It was perfect.

Revealing to Friends – Family Christmas Photo-Opp

We kept it very simple when it came to revealing to our friends. First we announced the news to our church. After services one Sunday, the church was asked if there were any more announcements. Jan jumped out of his seat and ran up to our pastor and his wife on stage and handed them what appeared to be a note. When the pastor opened it to his surprise it was a scroll of sonogram photos. The entire church applauded and congratulated us. I’m sure I was bright red in the face, but it was a wonderful experience. For our closest friends we invited them over to hang out, visited them at their home, or video chatted with them if distance or work posed a challenge. For the remainder of our friends and family we simply posted an image of ourselves on Facebook holding a sonogram photo. We posted this on Christmas day. We received an overwhelming response of love and well wishes for our growing family. I was so happy and I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. The world now knows! But there’s one more secret to reveal…

Stay tuned for next weeks post on how we reveal our baby’s gender! Wish us luck. The family finds out the news in just a few days… on mine and Jan’s 12th year couple anniversary to be exact. Told you last week that February is the month of love.

Questions of the Day:

For you mothers out there, how did you reveal your pregnancy news to your family and friends? Were they surprised? Did your reveal go as planned?

xoxo Jamela

“Life is full of surprises.”

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