February Outfit of the Month – Maternity

Hey Beauties,

Who says pregnant women can’t dress up to feel good!? No lie, as exhausting as pregnancy may be at times, it’s still worth putting yourself together when you do have the energy. I believe dressing up can drastically impact our moods and can be a bit uplifting. I find this to be especially important for pregnant women who are looking to feel attractive… baby bump and all.

Now that I’m in my second trimester I have “most” of my energy back. My bump hasn’t quite reached the full grown belly stage yet, but I already find myself just wanting to dress comfy. I don’t like my clothes to hug me anywhere on my body, I need wiggle room to breath, and most importantly I need plenty of space to grow. I don’t plan on purchasing a lot of maternity clothes because after all, being pregnant is only temporary… I’m just about 3 months away from popping!

Pregnant or not, we should all feel equally as good on the outside as we do on the inside. If you aren’t feeling good in either department, try working on one trait first. Maybe my post on finding your word for the year can help you with your internal makeover, and this one will inspire you to put a little more effort into your exterior. I strongly believe that if you feel good you’ll want to look good, and if you look good you’ll start to feel good. Even if you have no place to be, take some time for you. Play dress up in your closet by mixing and matching combinations that you’ve never tried before. Try a new hairstyle or makeup technique. Your body is your canvas, and you create the masterpiece.

My Look:

My outfit for this month is an all black causal attire. It requires little to no effort to put something this basic together, which is a definite plus for mommy’s to be. It’s comfy in that I can breath, thanks to the loose blouse and stretchiness of the leggings. It’s fun in that… well… I can breath! Hahah! Being able to move comfortably makes being my silly self that much easier.

TOP: Old Navy Maternity + BOTTOMS: Basic Black Leggings You Can Get From Anywhere + SHOES: Dress Barn

Questions of the Day:

What are your thoughts on an all black ensemble? What role does comfort play in fashion? How much does your look impact your mood?

xoxo Jamela

“Dress like you’re going somewhere better later.”

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