Fashionably Warm

Brrrr! It finally feels like winter out here in Cali. But even in the cold, we still want to look hot… RIGHT!? I for one don’t want to get caught up in dull unflattering sweaters and jackets this season.

This look I’m rocking here is one of my favorites. I absolutely love this simple, yet bold black and white print that easily meets all of my sweater requirements.

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BW Stripe Sweater

Sweater Rules

  1. Has to be CUTE: Sweaters are the statement piece of the season! So go with something that pops. Big bold prints, fun quotes, different textures, etc.
  2. Must be Comfy-Cozy: Avoid all of those annoying itchy fabrics and go for the soft and cozy material. Fitted sweaters are cool and all, but I’m really into the bulky trend right now. I’m extra serious when it comes to being comfortable. I need breathing room even in my clothing!
  3. Dress it Up or Dress it Down: It has to be versatile. Just because it’s NOT the season for showing skin, doesn’t mean you can’t still feel sexy wearing extra layers! So don’t be a snooze. You can still be sassy, sweet, sexy, or all of the above and then some! This specific look that I’m wearing is perfect for all occasions… Lounging at home with my boothang, it’s work appropriate, and why not rock a sweater while having a cocktail or two on an evening out.
  4. Fashionably Warm: Should obviously do it’s job of keeping you warm. Need I say more…?
  5. Affordable: You definitely need something of good quality, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank to stay warm or look good. $35 is about as high as I’ll go… and even that’s pushing it.

What’s your favorite sweater look this Winter season?

Stay warm beauties!

xoxo Jamela

“I’m obsessed with becoming a woman confident in her skin”

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