Confidence is Part VII

Happy Sunday Beauties!

I want to end this month with some food for thought. Most of us go through adulthood doing what we believe will provide us with the things we need. You know, securing a stable job with decent money… maybe throw in some good benefits and a savvy 401k plan to make it worth your while. All so that we can have a roof over our heads, food in our mouths, and beds to sleep in. All the basic necessities.

Well what if we all strived for more? A thriving career earning more then enough to just get us by. Being able to have more than just the basic necessities. More time with our loved ones and less time working hard for someone else’s dream.

Now, I know that having an income is essential, so I am not encouraging anyone to go quit their day job to pursue their passion. I mean… if you can afford to do that then by all means go for it. But for most of us that simply isn’t the case. This is the story of my life. Working a full time day job, and squeezing in time to work on building my dreams in hopes of one day realizing them. And that’s okay. Sometimes you have to go for the job that pays the bills. But in the meantime, recognize that you don’t have to stop there. Go to school, collaborate with others, fly solo, do what ever you have to do to get you from the bottom to the top. Never limit yourself!

We all have a mission and purpose in life. Some figure theirs out sooner than others and that’s great! But for those of us who need more time, don’t give up! Dream big and take one step at a time until you realize that dream. It can and WILL happen!

The theme here is motivation. Confident people not only have motivation, they spread it. Whether you’re still trying to figure things out, or whether you’re on the brink of reaching your dream. We all need motivation from the beginning to the end of our journey.

Part VII

Confidence is…

  1. Following Your Dreams: When you’re able to make the distinction between what you want to do versus what you think you have to do, the process of following your dreams becomes much easier to follow. For the longest time I thought that all I needed was to land a good paying job and that happiness would come along with it… WRONG! Money isn’t everything, and it doesn’t lead to happiness. When my blog went from being just an idea to a real site, I was ecstatic. One year later and I’m still going strong! I love having something that’s mine, something that I created, something that I enjoy, and something that I’m confident will grow as big as I want it to. When you follow your dreams you should expect endless possibilities and new experiences to come along. Some of which you never could have imagined. My blog is still very  much in it’s infancy, but I have so much more that I plan to do with it! One day at a time. Life has more meaning when you’re doing what makes you happy.
  2. Challenging Yourself: Changing things up broadens your horizon and is a surefire way to reaching your full potential. You can’t expect results from static behavior. It’s like working out… maybe you start off by lifting 3lbs weights, then after a while you challenge yourself to lift 5, 10, 15lbs, etc.. At first it sounds scary. Literally putting more and more pressure on yourself. But it’s a good kind of pressure. You might feel the aches and pains the next morning, but your back at doing it all over again, fighting through the pain and discomfort because you know it will be worth it in the end. If we all had that mentality we’d probably be better off with our achievements… The physical, the intangible, all of it. Confident people welcome challenges because it allows them to learn new things about themselves and their passion. You will shock yourself at your ability to plow through any situation, and if you really want to, you will surpass any obstacle that gets in your way.
  3. How You Encourage Others: Confident people know what they have to offer, and can see the potential in others. They inspire others to follow their dreams and act as a real life example of what it means to be happy. People will look to you and say, “I want that for myself.” I just attended my 10 year high school reunion yesterday, and I was amazed to hear just how well some people are doing. It was truly inspirational. Seeing people that I grew up with pursuing their dream encourages me to continue down my path to fully achieving mine. I want to be proud of what I’m doing and be able to inspire others to find and realize their passion.

Everyday is an opportunity for greatness. Please share your thoughts and experience on following your dreams. Are you living out your dream? Is it still a work in progress? I’d love to hear from you.

xoxo Jamela

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

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