Confidence is… (Part VI)

Hey girl Hey,

Confidence is about accepting yourself for who you are. 

Part VI

Confidence is…

  1. Taking the Compliment: Why, thank you! Don’t you just love unexpected compliments? I know I do. Makes my day a little bit brighter. I have however caught myself not taking a compliment… and I’m sure we’ve all done this at least once or twice. For example, when someone pays you a compliment and you say something along the line of “oh it’s nothing.” Like… do you not not want to be complimented?? LOL! Better take that compliment with a smile and a thank you. Whether it’s for something you did, something you’re wearing… who cares. Somebody is diggin’ you! Taking the compliment shows your confidence and agreement to whatever is being said about you. Pat yourself on the back and keep shinning. 
  2. Sharing Yourself: I’m so guilty of not sharing enough about myself with others. Mostly when I meet new people, or when I’m in a professional setting. I tend to keep most things to myself, even if they are totally appropriate. I say too little out of fear of saying too much! The perfect example I could use is almost every time a coworker asks me how was my weekend, all I say is “good, how about you.” Then they go on and on with a full story of how great their weekend was. And maybe my weekend was just as exciting, but all I said was… “it was good…” so… I guess they just have take my word for it. LOL! Opening up to people is a great form of confidence. I’m gradually getting better with this, but trust and believe I’m still very shy when it comes to speaking in front of large groups… no talking exercises / ice breakers for me please. LOL!
  3. Personal Style: Art, music, clothing… all great forms of expression, and all great ways to show your confidence. Not everyone is going to get your style but that’s okay. How lame would it be if we were all exactly the same and shared the exact same interests? That’s life without living! Be the trend setter in fashion, the new sound of music, or the Picasso of our time. This will only inspire others to do the same. Be yourself, and remember, there’s only one you!

xoxo Jamela

There’s only one me.

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