Confidence Is… (Part II)

Hey Beauties,

As promised, I’m back with more on my topic of the year; CONFIDENCE. As Demi Lovato asked, “What’s wrong with being confident?” I mean really?? A lot of people confuse confidence with arrogance. Todays message on confidence is inspired by a few traits that can be mistaken for arrogance.

Part II

Confidence is…

  1. Expecting Success: When you know that your actions are leading you towards something great, you exude self-confidence. Someone who expects success 1) is not afraid to speak on their current and future goals and accomplishments, 2) is a go getter who puts actions to their words/goals, and 3) believes wholeheartedly that all of their hard work will pay off. To expect success you must be a doer… We all know that success doesn’t come from sitting on our rumps doing nothing all day. How can “expecting success” be seen as arrogance? I feel that this personality trait can sometimes come off as intimidating to those who are shy or lack confidence. This is because your confident and positive nature challenges either their negative, reserved, or shy nature. Always having a “can do” attitude can cause people to think that you are overly confident, delusional, or a fraud! On the flip side (the side that I most believe in), this mindset could also be seen as inspirational to others. Someone who recognizes their own abilities and power often times pushes others to strive for the same. I believe that in order to get to this point, you just have to 1) trust yourself and the decisions that you make, 2) never see your mistakes as failures, but rather learning experiences, and 3) recognize that every step you take is a step towards your end goal(s). Sure, you may face a few obstacles and have to take a few steps backward, but ultimately you learn and you move forward from whatever the challenge may be. With this mentality, you’re pretty much always a winner.
  2. Feeling + Looking Good: If you feel good about yourself on the inside, chances are it will shine through to the outside. Feeling good could mean so many things. Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight so you feel good about your health, maybe you just got married so your glowing with love, or maybe you feel great simply because you know the importance of living a happy life and you’d rather not waste it feeling any other way. Looking good isn’t so black and white either. Yes, if you groom yourself and dress nicely, you will certainly reap the benefits of confidence, but maybe your style is completely different from the norm. Whatever “looking good” looks like to you, WEERK IT! How can ”feeling + looking good” be seen as arrogance? Not everyone is confident in their own skin. The negative folks will see your confidence in appearance as you being materialistic or conceited. On a positive note, you could also be encouraging someone else to make more of an effort in their physical appearance. Looks aren’t everything, but it really is a great confidence booster.
  3. Change: Kick bad habits… like doubting yourself, not taking care of yourself, negative thinking and actions, hanging with the wrong crowd, and COMPARING YOURSELF. All of these things (and more) only hold you back. Change can be scary, but it’s worth trying. How can “change” be seen as arrogance? I’ve found that when we come to the decision of wanting to better ourselves, that sometimes the people closest to us take it the wrong way. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from those who share the same bad habits, are bad influences, or are simply negative energy. They may see this as you ignoring them (and maybe you are for whatever reason), but that’s not necessarily the point in all of this. The point is, you’ve identified areas in your life that need upgrading, and you are choosing to live life for the better. It’s perfectly fine to let people know that you need time to work on yourself. Once you find yourself through changing your ways, you will feel the difference in your overall happiness and confidence… true story.

How do you define CONFIDENCE? What other traits of confidence can be mistaken as arrogance? How do you aspire to be more confident? Are you confident in yourself? How would you encourage those who lack confidence?

xoxo Jamela

“She believed she could, so she did.”

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