Confidence is Part X

Hello Beauties! Oh and Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend. If the Halloween festivities are continuing on tonight with the kiddos, have a safe and fun night trick or treating!

For this months confidence post I have two traits that I feel are all about being genuine and true.

Confidence is…

  1. Happiness for Others: Confident people are genuinely happy for others and their successes. Have you ever shared some great news about yourself with someone and they had little to no reaction… not a care in the world?? I know I’ve been there. I mean, you don’t even get as much as a “congratulations… that’s great.” It’s awkward, and it makes  you wonder if they really aren’t happy for you, maybe they’re jealous, maybe they just don’t care, or maybe they are happy for you but have an odd way of showing it. Whatever it may be, it’s certainly uncomfortable to feel like someone would rather see you knocked down and out on your luck. You know the type… the Petty Betty’s of the world… Anyway, confident people are happy for others. They celebrate with you and encourage you to keep it up. They see that you are proud of your achievement and they want to be there to share in your happiness. There’s no room for hate and jealousy in this world. If you can be genuinely happy for others, you will bring happiness into your own life.
  2. Free of Judgment: There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to know or learn more about something or someone. A curious mind seeks understanding and is open to other points of views. Unfortunately there are people out there who go around excessively criticizing everything and everyone they encounter… and that’s just lame. Confident people are open minded and know that our differences are what make us all special and interesting. How boring would the world be if we were all exactly alike. Accepting one another and appreciating our difference is true confidence. We’re all born with confidence. As babies we can dance around freely with no care in the world about what people think of us.  As we get older, we become more aware of the critics and are easily embarrassed or ashamed of being our true selves. So we cover up and share small bits and pieces, and maybe, just maybe a few close individuals can experience you at your 100% authentic self. There are two points that I’d like to get across in this post today. One is, that like attracts like… so we bring to ourselves only what we put out there in the world. I’m sure that if we all judge a little less, that we’d all feel more comfortable in our own skin and feel less judged by others. My second point is to take this quote into consideration: “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman. Replacing judgement with curiosity means that we are more accepting and less rejective to what may be abnormal to us. Lets rise and lift each other up Beauties!



“We rise by lifting others”

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