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March Outfit of the Month – Maternity

Hey Beauties,

Welp… it’s official, I’m now in my third trimester! As of yesterday I’m a whopping 30 weeks pregnant! Where is the time going!? With just 10 weeks to go I’m doing all I can to prepare for baby and to keep my mind at ease and stress free. My baby shower plans are in the works, I’m almost done clearing out my second bedroom to prepare for the nursery, and I’ve signed up for a maternity tour next month, and prenatal classes to start in May! Baby will be in my arms soon enough!

With all that’s going on right now, I did manage to take some time out for myself to get dressed up and feel pretty… which has been a challenge of its own with this pregnancy. Last weekend my husband and I took our maternity/family photoshoot and I absolutely love my look. Once I get those beautiful portraits I will share share share away! For now, here’s a peek at the outfit I chose.

My Look:

DRESS: Motherhood + SHOES: Forever 21

My outfit for this month is this beautiful blue dress with gold studs scattered about. I accessorized with gold jewelry and gold pumps to give it a chic, cohesive, and sophisticated look. Oh, and did you peep my new glasses! Lord knows I was in need of some new glasses. This look was effortless to put together. This dress is so comfy and I love the way it moves. Pretty sure I’ll be wearing this even after having baby, that’s how much I love it! It’s a fun look that I can easily dress up with pumps, or dress down with a cute pair of sandals. These pics just don’t do it justice. I can’t wait for my portraits to come in! Stay tuned for those!

Questions of the Day:

For you mothers to be, are you planning on taking maternity photos? If so, what’s the look you’re going for?

xoxo Jamela

“There’s no love like mom-to-be love!”

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February Outfit of the Month – Maternity

Hey Beauties,

Who says pregnant women can’t dress up to feel good!? No lie, as exhausting as pregnancy may be at times, it’s still worth putting yourself together when you do have the energy. I believe dressing up can drastically impact our moods and can be a bit uplifting. I find this to be especially important for pregnant women who are looking to feel attractive… baby bump and all.

Now that I’m in my second trimester I have “most” of my energy back. My bump hasn’t quite reached the full grown belly stage yet, but I already find myself just wanting to dress comfy. I don’t like my clothes to hug me anywhere on my body, I need wiggle room to breath, and most importantly I need plenty of space to grow. I don’t plan on purchasing a lot of maternity clothes because after all, being pregnant is only temporary… I’m just about 3 months away from popping!

Pregnant or not, we should all feel equally as good on the outside as we do on the inside. If you aren’t feeling good in either department, try working on one trait first. Maybe my post on finding your word for the year can help you with your internal makeover, and this one will inspire you to put a little more effort into your exterior. I strongly believe that if you feel good you’ll want to look good, and if you look good you’ll start to feel good. Even if you have no place to be, take some time for you. Play dress up in your closet by mixing and matching combinations that you’ve never tried before. Try a new hairstyle or makeup technique. Your body is your canvas, and you create the masterpiece.

My Look:

My outfit for this month is an all black causal attire. It requires little to no effort to put something this basic together, which is a definite plus for mommy’s to be. It’s comfy in that I can breath, thanks to the loose blouse and stretchiness of the leggings. It’s fun in that… well… I can breath! Hahah! Being able to move comfortably makes being my silly self that much easier.

TOP: Old Navy Maternity + BOTTOMS: Basic Black Leggings You Can Get From Anywhere + SHOES: Dress Barn

Questions of the Day:

What are your thoughts on an all black ensemble? What role does comfort play in fashion? How much does your look impact your mood?

xoxo Jamela

“Dress like you’re going somewhere better later.”

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Fashionably Warm

Brrrr! It finally feels like winter out here in Cali. But even in the cold, we still want to look hot… RIGHT!? I for one don’t want to get caught up in dull unflattering sweaters and jackets this season.

This look I’m rocking here is one of my favorites. I absolutely love this simple, yet bold black and white print that easily meets all of my sweater requirements.

Jamela photo edits 2
Jamela photo edits 7
Jamela photo edits 6
Jamela photo edits 5
BW Stripe Sweater

Sweater Rules

  1. Has to be CUTE: Sweaters are the statement piece of the season! So go with something that pops. Big bold prints, fun quotes, different textures, etc.
  2. Must be Comfy-Cozy: Avoid all of those annoying itchy fabrics and go for the soft and cozy material. Fitted sweaters are cool and all, but I’m really into the bulky trend right now. I’m extra serious when it comes to being comfortable. I need breathing room even in my clothing!
  3. Dress it Up or Dress it Down: It has to be versatile. Just because it’s NOT the season for showing skin, doesn’t mean you can’t still feel sexy wearing extra layers! So don’t be a snooze. You can still be sassy, sweet, sexy, or all of the above and then some! This specific look that I’m wearing is perfect for all occasions… Lounging at home with my boothang, it’s work appropriate, and why not rock a sweater while having a cocktail or two on an evening out.
  4. Fashionably Warm: Should obviously do it’s job of keeping you warm. Need I say more…?
  5. Affordable: You definitely need something of good quality, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank to stay warm or look good. $35 is about as high as I’ll go… and even that’s pushing it.

What’s your favorite sweater look this Winter season?

Stay warm beauties!

xoxo Jamela

“I’m obsessed with becoming a woman confident in her skin”

Living Pretty

Hey Beauties,

Style + Create is pretty self explanatory. It’s all about eye candy… whether it’s on your body or on your walls! I will be discussing everything from looking good to living pretty. You’ll see posts on fashionable everyday looks, DIY and decor ideas for every room, and then some.

Now… I’m not saying I’m a fashion expert, but this fashioniesta loves to shop and dress up like most women do. I also love to create one of a kind pieces for my home and events/parties. Again, I’m no expert, but it’s always fun to personalize your look whether it’s for your wardrobe or your home.

Style it, create it, and make it yours. #livingpretty

xoxo Jamela