9 Spring Inspired Date Ideas

Hello Beauties,

We’re now less than two weeks away from the beginning of Spring, how exciting?! I’m definitely looking forward to clearer skies and blossoming flowers.

This year, Spring is bringing on a whole new meaning for me… It means that the baby will soon be here! With just 13 more weeks to go, I’m expecting a lot more baby shopping, some baby shower fun, and will hopefully finalize all of my last minute nesting touches over the coming season. With all of that on my plate, I can’t forget about my hubs. Now’s the time to start thinking about some fun date ideas that we can squeeze in before baby’s arrival. I literally just realized that the next few months will be the last that Jan and I will EVER have together with just us two! #reality

Here are some of my favorite Spring inspired date ideas. Of course not all of these are pregnancy safe, lol, so I personally will have to wait for when I’m pregnant free again for some of these fun activities.

Lets Get Physical

  • Biking: – Take a tandem bike ride together. You’ll learn to coordinate together and it’s a good workout where you have no choice but to keep up with one another.
  • Visit the Orchard: Get your hands dirty with your love with some fruit picking. I love fresh fruit and what better way to stock up on them than to actually go out pick them yourself!?
  • Stroll Around the Botanical Garden: This is also a great time for a photo op, which I’m always down for. So put on your favorite spring dress and take a stroll in the nearest Butterfly or Botanical Garden. It’s fun, relaxing, and you can get a good walk in while you enjoy each others time.

Lets Eat

  • Picnic: I just love a good picnic. Jan and I do this every spring. All you need is a blanket, some light snacks, booze if you can get away with it, and each other. It’s fun and can actually be very relaxing. Sometimes Jan and I will go a good minute without talking. We’re just in each others arms, staring at the clouds and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Outdoor Dining: If a picnic is not your thing, dinning outdoors for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, could be a great option. Now I don’t mean just at any ol’ restaurant. Don’t go have a meal outside of a McDonalds and call it a day. Choose some place nice where there is an actual wait staff catering to you. It’s a day date! Make it romantic.

Adventure Time

  • Wine + Ride: I looove Napa. For the most part all there is to do is eat and drink wine, but I love both of those things! Lol! One thing that I haven’t tried in Napa yet, but really reeeeally want to is to climb aboard the wine train to visit local wineries, castles, etc. I know a few people who have tried it and they’ve given me great reviews. I will definitely have to knock this off of my bucket list when baby’s out so mommy and daddy can escape for some adult time.
  • Tour a Nearby Town / The Big City: I enjoy visiting the big city just as much as anybody else, but I typically like to know exactly where I’m going and what I’ll be doing there. I’m not a fan of crowds, so I need some sort of game plan ahead of time. One thing I’d love to do is act as a true tourist and take a real tour of the big city. That way I can get a sense of all that SF has to offer, and if I’m lucky I’ll most likely get to see a few new places to try out for more date ideas.

Big Events

  • Local Festival / Carnival: One thing that I love about Jan and our relationship is that we’ve always acted like such big kids. So going to a carnival, eating junk food, playing games, and riding the not so scary rides are right up our alley. Maybe we can sneak in one last trip to the carnival with just us two before we have a kid taking up all of our time on the tea cup ride. Could be a romanic escape to just make you feel young again… I say this as if I’m old as dust… Lol.
  • Farmers Market – Flea Market: If picking your own fruit on a date isn’t your idea of romance, and if supplying your own food for a picnic isn’t ideal, there’s always the farmers market. Most farmers market’s have more than just local farmers, but also food vendors serving up something nice and hot to eat. I love any farmers market that has a place in the grass to sit, eat, listen to music, etc. It’s a great excuse to get outside. There’s also flea markets to consider if your up for bargaining for some great deals.

xoxo Jamela

Questions of the Day

What are your favorite Spring inspired date ideas? What was your most romantic Spring date?

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