12 Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Baby showers are awesome for getting friends and family together in celebration of welcoming a new life into the world. Guests not only shower the mommy-to-be with gifts for baby, but they also use this time to socialize and share tips and tricks on how to manage a new born. Most importantly, baby showers are all about having fun and a few good laughs over games. It’s a great way to get mommy-to-be to unwind, get her mind off of the stresses of pregnancy, and just relax… even if just for a day.

Now a days most baby showers are co-ed. Mine was co-ed, and I think it made the celebration that much more special. I enjoyed all of the games played at my baby shower, even though we didn’t get to all of them! None the less, I had a great time and enjoyed everything we did get to that day.

Here’s a selection of baby shower games that are sure to be a hit! Make them unique to your crowd.

  1. Guess Baby’s Birthday: Guests choose a date and sign their name on a calendar of their prediction of baby’s due date. The winner is announced when the baby is born.
  2. Can’t Say Baby: All guests receive 2 clothes pins upon entering the baby shower. They cannot say “Baby” the entire shower. If caught, another guests may steal 1 of the offender’s clothes pin. The contestant with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. (If the offending contestant has multiple pins they only lose 1 pin, for every time they say “baby.”)
  3. Ice Ice Baby/My Water Broke: This one is fun for kids. Kid contestants are each given an ice cube with a small plastic baby inside. The fastest kid to melt their ice by rubbing their hands together wins.
  4. Dirty Diaper: Melt 5-10 chocolate candy bars in their own diaper. Be sure to number each diaper, and have an answer sheet for the host to reveal at the end. Have guests either pass the diapers around or leave them stationary where guests can decipher and guess the candy bar brand in each diaper. The person who guesses all/most correctly wins. TIP: If you’re like me and don’t want to waste real diapers, you can fold napkins in the shape of a diapers instead!
  5. Baby’s First Portrait: 5-10 contestants get an index card and marker. With 60 seconds on the clock, each contestant holds the index card to their forehead with one hand, while attempting to draw what they think your baby will look like with the other hand. The mom-to- be selects the portrait she likes best and announce the winner.
  6. Guess the Size of Mom’s Waist: Guests cut a string to the length of what they think is the circumference of mom-to- be’s belly. The person with the correct circumference size wins.
  7. Baby Relay: 8 contestants 1) Blow up a balloon, 2) Tuck the balloon under their shirt or hold it their arms, 3) With ping pong ball between their knees, they must run to a container and drop the ball, 4) Take their balloon and diaper it with a cloth and pin, 5) Deliver their baby to the mom-to- be. The person with the fastest time wins.
  8. Tie, Shimmy, Deliver: 5-10 male contestants 1) Blow up a balloon and stuff it under their shirt. 2) While sitting in a chair, they will race to see who can tie their shoes fastest (without popping their balloons). 3) After successfully tying both shoes, contestants must shimmy their balloon down/out of their shirt. 4) From there they must run the baby over to mom-to- be. 5) Mom-to- be will give a bottle of juice or water to each contestant who reaches her and they must chug the entire bottle. The fastest contestant wins.
  9. Pin the Diaper on the Baby: This makes for another great kids game. Like pin the tail on the donkey, the contestant who pins the “poop” closets to the correct pinning location wins. Other variations of this game are pin the mustache on the baby (for a boy), pin the bow on the baby (for a girl), pin the binki on the baby, pin the baby on the mommy, and pin the poop on the diaper.
  10. Baby Dec-a-Bib / Dec-a-Onesie: 5-10 contestants will be given 30 minutes to decorate a white bib or white onesie with fabric markers. The mom-to- be will select the bib or onesie, she likes best.
  11. Baby Bingo: Have bingo cards on the tables, ready for guests upon entry. Guest will fill out their bingo cards with gifts that they think the mom-to- be will receive. When it’s time for mom-to-be to open her gifts, the game has begun. First to get bingo wins.
  12. Diaper Raffle: Guests who bring a pack of diapers are entered into a raffle. The guest with the drawn ticket wins.

Questions of the Day:

What’s your favorite baby shower game?

xoxo Jamela

“A baby is a gift from above.”

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