Confidence is Part IX

Hello and Happy Autumn! I hope you’re all ready to “fall” into this month’s confident post with me! Let’s jump right in!
So… Have you ever had a conversation with someone who would not stop talking about themselves!? What am I saying…? It’s never really a “conversation.” It’s just one person nonstop talking about how totally freakin awesome they are and how the world revolves around them!! Hahah… yeah. This leads me to two confidence traits that I really admire. I know that some may not agree that these are confidence traits, but hopefully what I have to say about them will get skeptics to reconsider the possibilities of these two traits.

Part IX

Confidence is…

  1. Silent: I’ve used the quote “confidence is silent, insecurities are loud” before, and I  truly believe in this statement. Bragging / talking extremely high of yourself may seem confident to some, but often times I see it as more of a mask to hide insecurities, as a scream for attention, or as simply cocky and self-centered. Even confident people have insecurities, but they know there isn’t any need to play up their situation to feel better about themselves or to feel recognized or special. Confident people know they don’t need the approval of others and they don’t have to prove anything to anyone but themselves. There’s probably a good chance that confident individuals listen more than they speak. Confident people understand that one of the best ways to learn and grow is to pipe down and listen.
  2. Modesty: This one is a little tricky. I believe that modesty is a trait of a confident person who is secure with who they are. They have no need to prove or explain anything. Their completely happy and content with the person they’ve grown to be. Sure we all have flaws and things we can improve on. But confident people don’t let those things define them. Modesty is all about doing and being your best, without the need for an audience. Confident people know there is no need to throw what good they do have in the faces of people who probably aren’t even interested. It’s okay to be proud of yourself and want to share your success, but once it gets to the point of bragging and finding ways to demonstrate how above all you are… uhh no… what’s really wrong with you? Confident people are doers. They go about their life’s goals without calling attention to themselves and they make shit happen. People will naturally see you doing great things and become interested all on their own. Don’t try to force interest on people… it only looks desperate.

What I’m getting at with these two traits is that confidence does not necessarily mean being the center of attention. It doesn’t mean everybody has to know every single detail of you’re life. Be humble and grateful for what you have going on, and share your success with people that will truly be happy for you. Just tone it down so as to not to appear self absorbed.

xoxo Jamela

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible.”


Confidence is Part VIII

Hello Beauties,

August has been such a long and full month! My goodness, I thought it would last forever! But here we are on the last day of the month, and here I am just like every month thus far this year with a brand new post on confidence. This one is all about how to be confident in your relationship. This month Jan and I celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary. So naturally I find it only fitting that I talk about how confidence can play a role in maintaining a successful relationship. Believe me, I can go on and on with examples for this month’s confidence category, but I cut it down to just a few.


Confidence is…

  1. Trust and Honesty: We all know communication is the key to a great relationship. With that comes trust and honesty. If you are confident in yourself and what you bring to your relationship, you  should have no reason to doubt your partners loyalty and commitment to you. You should trust that your partner knows how good they have it and know they wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the relationship. In other words, don’t be that girl/guy who is constantly monitoring their partners phone and Facebook likes… assuming that there’s dirt to be found. Now, if you actually have concrete proof or reason to believe that there is something dirty going on behind your back, then be honest. Bring your concerns to the table and address them head on. If you don’t trust a word your partner says, then there you have it. Zero trust and honesty equals a relationship with individuals who have zero confidence. Zero confidence in themselves and/or each other. Be honest with your insecurities, your dissatisfaction if any, and your overall concerns for you and your partner. This conversation should be easy to have with the person you love, and if it’s not, there is most definitely a problem. It can be hard to find someone that you can trust whole heatedly these days. Friends gossip to each other and relatives spread the word like wild fire between one another. So that one person you should always be able to count on for a listening ear, an honest opinion, and sealed lips when it comes to private matters  is your partner.
  2. Looking to the Future: I find it odd when couples who have been together for a long time… lets say 2+ years are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about their future together. As if discussing the next step in their relationship is disastrous. Lets face it… We don’t get into relationships thinking about how soon it’s going to end! And for SOME of us nearing our late 20s / early 30s, we’re definitely not dating for funzies any more. At this point in life, we’re ready to find that one person we want to build our future with. Have children, travel the world together, etc. So if you want to show your sweetie you are confident with your relationship, talk about it! Talk about how great the relationship is, where you see it going, and how soon you anticipate taking that next step. On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t see anything at all in the future together, better to stop wasting each others time and YOUTH while you still can! I know a number of people who are looking for “real love,” and are feeling anxious about their time clock running out and dying forever a lone!! LOL… Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean. There’s no reason to rush into a relationship because you think you’re too old or whatever the excuse may be. If you’re single, think about where you see yourself and the next 5 or 10 years. If you want kids, how early do you picture yourself having your first child. Based on that, you should be able to gauge whether you still have time to play, or if you need to set higher standards for your future person.
  3. Inspiring and Supporting: Telling your partner you support them isn’t half as important as showing them. Encourage each other as individuals and inspire each other by showing interests in each others goals, hobbies, etc. If your partner feels that you have confidence in them, that will build their confidence that much more. Jan is an amazing Graphic Designer, Music Producer, and Singer/Song Writer. He’s got unbelievable talent… and that’s something we can both say with confidence. To top it off he is pursing all of those skills professionally. He’s been working as a Graphic Designer for years, and as of this year, he has finally introduced the world to his first love, music. Check him out, and stay tuned for more! (shameless plug for my boo) But honestly, building each other up is a great way to show your partner how much you care and believe in them. I’ll always be Jan’s number one fan! And your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend should be your main cheerleader as well. I believe that when you see the person you love thriving at something they are passionate about, it encourages and inspires you to do the same. I’ve always admired Jan’s talent. Just the other day I was telling him how I wish I was a cool kid like him… making beats and all. But then he reminded me that I have talent of my  own too. No matter what it is, “it’s yo thang… do what you wanna do.”
What do you beauties think? Does confidence play a role in relationships/in your relationship? Please share!
xoxo Jamela
Confidence attracts.
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Confidence is Part VII

Happy Sunday Beauties!

I want to end this month with some food for thought. Most of us go through adulthood doing what we believe will provide us with the things we need. You know, securing a stable job with decent money… maybe throw in some good benefits and a savvy 401k plan to make it worth your while. All so that we can have a roof over our heads, food in our mouths, and beds to sleep in. All the basic necessities.

Well what if we all strived for more? A thriving career earning more then enough to just get us by. Being able to have more than just the basic necessities. More time with our loved ones and less time working hard for someone else’s dream.

Now, I know that having an income is essential, so I am not encouraging anyone to go quit their day job to pursue their passion. I mean… if you can afford to do that then by all means go for it. But for most of us that simply isn’t the case. This is the story of my life. Working a full time day job, and squeezing in time to work on building my dreams in hopes of one day realizing them. And that’s okay. Sometimes you have to go for the job that pays the bills. But in the meantime, recognize that you don’t have to stop there. Go to school, collaborate with others, fly solo, do what ever you have to do to get you from the bottom to the top. Never limit yourself!

We all have a mission and purpose in life. Some figure theirs out sooner than others and that’s great! But for those of us who need more time, don’t give up! Dream big and take one step at a time until you realize that dream. It can and WILL happen!

The theme here is motivation. Confident people not only have motivation, they spread it. Whether you’re still trying to figure things out, or whether you’re on the brink of reaching your dream. We all need motivation from the beginning to the end of our journey.

Part VII

Confidence is…

  1. Following Your Dreams: When you’re able to make the distinction between what you want to do versus what you think you have to do, the process of following your dreams becomes much easier to follow. For the longest time I thought that all I needed was to land a good paying job and that happiness would come along with it… WRONG! Money isn’t everything, and it doesn’t lead to happiness. When my blog went from being just an idea to a real site, I was ecstatic. One year later and I’m still going strong! I love having something that’s mine, something that I created, something that I enjoy, and something that I’m confident will grow as big as I want it to. When you follow your dreams you should expect endless possibilities and new experiences to come along. Some of which you never could have imagined. My blog is still very  much in it’s infancy, but I have so much more that I plan to do with it! One day at a time. Life has more meaning when you’re doing what makes you happy.
  2. Challenging Yourself: Changing things up broadens your horizon and is a surefire way to reaching your full potential. You can’t expect results from static behavior. It’s like working out… maybe you start off by lifting 3lbs weights, then after a while you challenge yourself to lift 5, 10, 15lbs, etc.. At first it sounds scary. Literally putting more and more pressure on yourself. But it’s a good kind of pressure. You might feel the aches and pains the next morning, but your back at doing it all over again, fighting through the pain and discomfort because you know it will be worth it in the end. If we all had that mentality we’d probably be better off with our achievements… The physical, the intangible, all of it. Confident people welcome challenges because it allows them to learn new things about themselves and their passion. You will shock yourself at your ability to plow through any situation, and if you really want to, you will surpass any obstacle that gets in your way.
  3. How You Encourage Others: Confident people know what they have to offer, and can see the potential in others. They inspire others to follow their dreams and act as a real life example of what it means to be happy. People will look to you and say, “I want that for myself.” I just attended my 10 year high school reunion yesterday, and I was amazed to hear just how well some people are doing. It was truly inspirational. Seeing people that I grew up with pursuing their dream encourages me to continue down my path to fully achieving mine. I want to be proud of what I’m doing and be able to inspire others to find and realize their passion.

Everyday is an opportunity for greatness. Please share your thoughts and experience on following your dreams. Are you living out your dream? Is it still a work in progress? I’d love to hear from you.

xoxo Jamela

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Summer Days

Summer Lovin’ – Date Ideas

Summer lovin’ happened so faaaaast, summer lovin’ had me a blaaaast, la la la laaaa! LOL!

Hey there lovelies,

Summer romance… gotta love it. So far this summer has been pretty amazing, and I’ve especially enjoyed the late night summer dates with my main squeeze. If you’re like me, you want to keep things hot with your boo-thang all year round. Here are some fun ways to keep the flame going the entire season, or to at least start the spark, lol.  Keep your summer romance hot beauties!

  1. Under the Stars: Cuddle up with your love bug behind the steering wheel, with some popcorn and cotton candy at a drive in movie. If you need more leg room, find out if your town has a movie in the park event so you can pull out the blankets and cozy up in the grass. Outdoor movie too basic for you?? Dine, take a night stroll in the city, or dance the night away under the stars. There are plenty of outdoor events like music festivals (i.e. Outside Lands), and outdoor dancing to keep you active and entertained. Don’t forget about fairs. Kissing at the top of the ferris wheel is just like kissing under a Christmas mistletoe, it’s required. #smooches
  2. Picnic: I LOVE PICNICS! At the park, a sunny day at the beach… even your own backyard or patio if you want to be more secluded. Pack an easy lunch or light snacks to feed each other. Maybe even fly a kite! Most importantly, bring a bottle of bubbly!
  3. Berry Picking + Wine Tasting: Get your hands dirty by picking fresh fruit to pack in your picnic basket. If you’re not into “hard labor” for a date, there’s always wine tasting. You can cool things down by touring an indoor wine cellar. Or if you can’t get enough summer sun, there’s always outdoor tastings or wine trains where you can enjoy the vineyards and beautiful scenery.
  4. Resort + Spa: The only time my husband is down for a mani pedi is if it’s at a lavish spa. So why not make it a relaxing day trip to a resort or spa where you can get couples massages, mani pedi’s, facials… the works! Or you could save a few bucks by staying in and pampering each other… this is way more romantic than going out. Light some candles, have music playing in the background, and you’ve got yourself a home spa!
  5. Get Wet: Mind out of the gutter folks! A day at the beach or simply sitting poolside is a must. After dipping  your toes in the water, a cozy bonfire to keep you warm while gazing up at the stars is a romantic treat. And s’mores… s’mores are also a romantic treat. Lol!
  6. Weekend Getaway: If you can’t go on a real vacation, a weekend road trip, or a daycation to a nearby city is a great alternative. Slow down time by doing some laid back activities that don’t require a lot of planning. It’s a short/mini vacation, so it’s meant to enjoy each other’s company while recouping before heading back to the real world.
  7. Adult Game Night: Strip poker anyone? I mean… it is summer after all. Why not make an excuse to take off as much clothing as possible? LOL! It probably won’t take much to convince your partner. Get out the wine glasses and start shuffling those cards. Make it fun.
  8. All In: Horseback riding, rent a tandem or surrey bike (hilarious and fun), rent a convertible for a day, take a city tour, watch the sunset / sunrise, visit the pier, go to an ice cream shop or food truck event and eat junk like your teens again. Do it all!

Share your favorite summer date ideas.

xoxo Jamela

“You are my summer love.”


Quotes + The Power of Words

Hey Beauties,

Often times you’ll find a quote at the bottom of my posts, or if you follow me on IG and FB, most days you’ll see an inspirational, funny, or interesting quote of the day. Obvi this girl has a quote addiction… I love quotes! I’m particularly geared towards quotes that excuide confidence, truth, positivity, happiness, etc. Sometimes a quote inspires a piece of writing, or sometimes a post reminds me of a quote I’ve heard before. To me, quotes are a fun and interesting way to get you thinking about some of the truths in the world.

I strongly believe that words hold power. When used wisely, words alone can inspire, provoke positive action, comfort, bring you back to reality, and so on. With that said, I know that words can also be hurtful and crude, but as I said before, I prefer to focus on the good that can come from our words. We need to focus our energy on positivity so that we bring more good into our lives. Quotes… our words in general, are a great start.

“Your words create your world.”

One of my favorite quotes has become in a sense my life’s motto. Even more so, it is the motto for my blog, and that is: “Your life is your story, write well, edit often.” I use my blog as a way to express myself, and to discuss a wide range of lifestyle topics. Whether personal or impersonal, serious or just for fun, my blog is (a part of) my story. I particularly love this quote, because it reminds me that I am the only person that controls my life and how I choose to live is entirely up to me. It’s my mission to live a beautiful and full life. Making a few edits and evolving a long the way will be necessary in achieving this mission. So here’s to living your story!  Make it a best seller!

What’s your favorite quote? What’s your motto?

xoxo Jamela

“Words have power. Use them wisely.”

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Confidence is… (Part VI)

Hey girl Hey,

Confidence is about accepting yourself for who you are. 

Part VI

Confidence is…

  1. Taking the Compliment: Why, thank you! Don’t you just love unexpected compliments? I know I do. Makes my day a little bit brighter. I have however caught myself not taking a compliment… and I’m sure we’ve all done this at least once or twice. For example, when someone pays you a compliment and you say something along the line of “oh it’s nothing.” Like… do you not not want to be complimented?? LOL! Better take that compliment with a smile and a thank you. Whether it’s for something you did, something you’re wearing… who cares. Somebody is diggin’ you! Taking the compliment shows your confidence and agreement to whatever is being said about you. Pat yourself on the back and keep shinning. 
  2. Sharing Yourself: I’m so guilty of not sharing enough about myself with others. Mostly when I meet new people, or when I’m in a professional setting. I tend to keep most things to myself, even if they are totally appropriate. I say too little out of fear of saying too much! The perfect example I could use is almost every time a coworker asks me how was my weekend, all I say is “good, how about you.” Then they go on and on with a full story of how great their weekend was. And maybe my weekend was just as exciting, but all I said was… “it was good…” so… I guess they just have take my word for it. LOL! Opening up to people is a great form of confidence. I’m gradually getting better with this, but trust and believe I’m still very shy when it comes to speaking in front of large groups… no talking exercises / ice breakers for me please. LOL!
  3. Personal Style: Art, music, clothing… all great forms of expression, and all great ways to show your confidence. Not everyone is going to get your style but that’s okay. How lame would it be if we were all exactly the same and shared the exact same interests? That’s life without living! Be the trend setter in fashion, the new sound of music, or the Picasso of our time. This will only inspire others to do the same. Be yourself, and remember, there’s only one you!

xoxo Jamela

There’s only one me.

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When Life Happens

Hey Beauties,

Wow! My 1st official post after celebrating my 1st year blogiversary. How exciting! The last 12 months of blogging have had many highs and many lows. Months full of great content and others slim to none… whomp whomp. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error in areas such as planning and scheduling, time management, writing and editing, and of course the technical side of it all. With each passing day I recognize more and more just how much I still have to learn and grow. Knowing that there is room for improvement inspires me to achieve all of the goals that I currently have, and those I have yet to set. This experience has taught me a lot about myself and where I want to go career-wise, and in life.

I think it’s important that we always strive to live out our dreams… whatever they may be. Or at the very least, make an effort to spend time doing some of the things that we love every now and then. In that attempt, we should always take notice of the things that keep us from living out these dreams, hobbies, etc. My biggest issue with keeping up with my blog is balancing and managing it with my “real life.” There have been a few months where I could barely think of a single topic to write about, had several cases of writers block, or worse, I’d have a topic in mind, but no time to sit to jot down even a brief draft.

As the title suggests… life happens! There’s always going to be something going on, there’s always going to be some kind of distraction whether good or bad. It’s really up to us to look past those distractions best we can, and just keep trucking-on. When life happens, try doing some of the following to help get you through it.

1) Evaluate the Situation: Whether good or bad, what is going on in your life right now? What is keeping you from doing or achieving something that you had set out on? Once you can pinpoint the turning point, you can try to determine the whats, whys, and whens of your new life status. From there you can either accept and welcome the new happenings, or you can do otherwise.

2) Take the Time: Take all the time you need to get through an obstacle in your life. If it interferes with others, give them a heads up that you will be preoccupied for a bit as your priorities have temporarily shifted. If it’s good news, like quitting your day job to pursue your life’s passion, then maybe you want to hold off on telling others while you are still in transition. If you have to keep your situation a secret for a little while and you’re trying not to spill the beans, don’t go MIA too often or for too long (that will only cause a fuss), or be sure to have creative cover stories to get you out of it! Hahah!

3) Keep High Spirits: Don’t let a sudden set back drain you, upset you, or demotivate you. Just remind yourself that struggle only builds strength. Sometimes we have to experience the lows to fully appreciate our high moments. If it’s a good change, you’ll most likely already be in high spirits, so let your happiness shine on!

4) Plan Things Out: I love the saying, “Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,” because sometimes no matter how much we plan, things don’t always go as smoothly as we hope. God may very well have other plans… better plans in store for you. In the meantime we can TRY to successfully plan our lives, until God shows us a better way. With that said, when trying to plan things out, think about how you will move past, around, or with the situation. What steps are you taking to get through your experience more efficiently? Seriously try to think it through and plan it out. Again, if your life situation is more on the happier end, take the time you need to enjoy it, but don’t forget about the rest of your life. Don’t let life pass you by due to over planning!

xoxo Jamela

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

BBN Image anniversary


Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Beauty By Name! It’s been fun, and it’s been real. Over 30 posts and much more to come! Thanks to all of my supporters.
“Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.”
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Confidence Is… (Part V)

Hello lovelies,

I strongly believe that confidence in part has to do with our interactions with others. Our confidence (or lack thereof) is displayed in how we exchange information. Intentional or unintentional, our actions and words do affect the people around us. There are 4 behavioral traits of a confident communicator that stands out to me most.

Part V

Confidence is…

  1. Our Actions + Our Words: Know anyone that vocally expresses how confident they are ALL… THE… TIME!? Are you that someone?? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying it loud and proud! BUT, as we all know (no matter how loud you say it), actions speak louder than words. If you claim to be X, Y, and Z, or if you feel a certain way about a situation or person, your actions should most definitely live up to those words? For example, some people believe that their ability to “speak their mind” is confident… And yes, that can be a trait of a confident person. However, if every time you “speak your mind” you end up in huge dilemma with someone, then you’d probably agree that there is room some for improvement. Just because you say the first thing that pops into your head does not make you a confident person. Not to mention, sometimes silence is preferred/necessary in order to avoid unnecessary drama. Vocally confident individuals know how and when to express themselves without hurting or demeaning others. They can get their point across and know that they’ve been respectfully understood. Same thing with our actions. If your hating on someone behind their back, but smiling in their face the moment you see them, you couldn’t possibly be as confident as you think you are. If you dislike the person, don’t associate yourself with them! If you’re going to go around saying “I’m 100% confident in myself,” you have to take into account what you are actually saying and put it in relation to what you are actually doing. What about yourself are you most confident about?  I bet you can show it more than you can express it. 🙂
  2. Being Considerate: Piggy backing off of the first trait, we’ve all heard the phrases, “think before you speak,” and “… talk the talk, … walk the walk.” Confident individuals think about how their words and actions leave an impact on people… How actions and words can, do, and will affect people. Some people will say or do the cruelest things and claim that they were “just being honest,” or “keeping it 100.” The problem with this is that not everyone takes in information in the same way. There is an effective and appropriate way to communicate with everyone. The key is to not look at everyone as the same. For instance, you probably wouldn’t explain a horrible day to a child in the same way that you would to an adult. You’d probably have a different tone, use different vocabulary, etc.
  3. Being Accountable: Our actions and words leave imprints everywhere we go and on everyone we interact with. With that being said, it is extremely important that we  show accountability in all that we say and do. This goes for both our personal and professional lives. I know that being accountable is easier said then done for some circumstances, but for the most part, there really isn’t anything or anyone keeping us from this responsibility, other than ourselves. We have to be accountable for our own successes, failures, and so on. It’s in the choices that we make, the actions  that we take, and our overall behavior and attitude. Success or failure is completely up to you. So be honest. We all make mistakes sometimes. There’s no need to put the blame on anyone else, don’t downplay it, and know that trying to cover it up will only make things worse. Just own it! On the contrary, if you’ve done something great, don’t devalue it… let it be known how awesome and proud you are of your achievements. It always feels good to be recognized and receive credit for a job well done.
  4. Standing Up For Yourself + Beliefs: As cliche as it sounds, you’ve got to stand up for yourself. The ability to stop someone in their tracks before they can step all over you… now that is true confidence. I’ve been put in these types of situations on several occasions. In the workplace and in my personal space. I absolutely hate it when people think that they have some sort of power or upper hand over others. Maybe they have a higher position, or maybe their older and believe that age holds the power. Well, hate to burst that bubble… my mom taught me that you have to give respect to get it. So if you have a higher role or if you are “the boss,” that doesn’t give you the right to treat people however you choose. Employers hire employees because they need assistance in maintaining a successful business. So it would make sense that they treat their team as people should always be treated, with respect. As for age, well… age ain’t nothing but a number, so the “respect your elders” card only goes so far for me. Hahah! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I most certainly respect my elders, but when someone is approaching you wrong, you should confident enough to express yourself effectively. No matter their age or professional status.

xoxo Jamela

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”


Confidence is… (Part IV)


I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but it’s been quite a busy month! And now look… it’s the last day of April and I’ve only got one post to share! 🙁 At the very least I had to share a post this month to add on to my “Confidence Is” collection! Enjoy the read. MUAH!

Part IV

Confidence is…

  1. Embracing Your Flaws: We all have them. Maybe you hate how wide your hips are, or that weird thing you do whenever your nervous. Maybe you’re tired of your impulsive behavior always getting you in a rut, or perhaps you’ve missed out on so many opportunities because of how shy you are. Whether external or internal our flaws can hold us back from being our true selves. Some of our “imperfections” are completely unpreventable, so why not embrace them? We associate flaws (especially the physical) as negative attributes, when in actuality our flaws are what makes us unique. Accepting your flaws means that you are comfortable with who you are, and you don’t care what others may think. It takes time to be confident and comfortable with any unfavored traits of ourselves, but we have to at least try to come to terms with them, and with time, it will happen. Embrace your flaws… because no one is perfect. For those flaws that we can improve on, why not take the necessary baby steps to make a change? You can’t expect change without putting forward any effort.
  2. Owning Your Mistakes: Just as we all have flaws, we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are inevitable. And I’m sure we’ve all been told that the best thing you can do is learn and grow from them. Which of course is very true. You should never let your mistakes haunt you or your conscience. Move on and forgive yourself. If a mistake you’ve made involves another person, owning up to your mistake and asking for forgiveness is always advised, and it’s the mature thing to do. Though, no matter how mature it may be, I know that apologizing is one of the hardest things for anyone to do. No one every wants to admit that they’re wrong, but if you can muster up the courage to do so, you will without a doubt feel the weight of regret lifted from your shoulders in that very instant. Sometimes the hardest part about owning up to your mistakes is recognizing that you’ve actually made one. Maybe at the time you thought you were doing/saying the right thing. And perhaps it wasn’t until you saw that you upset or hurt someone else that you started to feel like you may have messed up. If you can acknowledge the situation and resolve it, there’s nothing more confident than that. On the other hand you could completely feel that the other person was just being sensitive, in which case you’ll probably never admit or believe that you were in the wrong. In that case, you could always talk it out with that person to let them know that you didn’t mean for them to react in a negative way and you’d like to gain some understanding as to why your words/actions negatively affected them. At least that would be a step in the right direction.
  3. Knowing Your Worth: Many people lack confidence because they don’t know their worth. They don’t feel that their opinion is valued or worth considering. They don’t feel that they deserve more or better than what they currently have. As a result they settle for what they believe they deserve. The way I see it is, that we allow people to treat us the way they do. If people treat you poorly, it’s because you’ve allowed it. Once you begin to stand up for yourself and KNOW YOUR WORTH, then you will know that your love, friendship, and your overall existence is worth and deserving of more.

xoxo Jamela

“Know your worth.”